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Lifestyle medicine addresses the root cause of disease by helping you change your diet and life habits, such as exercise and sleep. Dr. Susan Rife and Associates Family Medicine uses a lifestyle medicine approach to prevent and treat disease and optimize wellness in patients. Call the Orland Park, Illinois, office to learn how lifestyle medicine can help you thrive, or use the online tool to book your appointment.

Lifestyle Medicine Q & A

What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is not an alternative to conventional medicine but a complement to it. Providers use evidence-based therapeutic lifestyle interventions as a first line of treatment when it comes to disease. 

Rather than focusing only on medications and procedures when addressing health, lifestyle medicine practitioners prioritize things like diet and sleep to promote health. 

Your provider at Dr. Susan Rife and Associates Family Medicine integrates these lifestyle factors into your entire medical plan along with strategies like medications.

A focus on lifestyle medicine also promotes your whole-body health and can prevent chronic conditions from ever occurring. 

What is the focus of lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine includes focus on:

  • Eating a plant-predominant healthy diet
  • Promoting regular physical activity
  • Supporting restorative sleep
  • Assisting with stress management
  • Avoiding risky substances, like tobacco and alcohol
  • Encouraging positive social connections

When these strategies are put into effect, you can even reverse chronic disease.

How does lifestyle medicine support overall wellness?

Chronic disease affects millions of people in the United States, effectively limiting their quality of life, possibly leading to early mortality, and putting strain on the health care system. 

At least 80% of health care spending in the United States is related to the treatment of conditions that are caused by poor lifestyle choices. These include chronic diseases like stroke, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers, obesity, and heart disease. 

By helping you reform your lifestyle, the practitioners at Dr. Susan Rife and Associates Family Medicine promote your wellness and help you avoid developing one of these devastating conditions. With good lifestyle habits, you enjoy greater physical and mental health.

Lifestyle medicine, like osteopathy, considers you as a whole person. Rather than just looking at you as a set of symptoms or a disease, like diabetes, lifestyle medicine considers your entire mind, body, and spirit. It looks at environmental factors and behaviors that contribute to your wellness and may aggravate a disease.

By addressing the lifestyle aspects of your overall wellness, your providers at Dr. Susan Rife and Associates Family Medicine can get to the root causes of your condition and address them so you have a better chance of healing and regaining good health.

To benefit from the lifestyle medicine focus provided at Dr. Susan Rife and Associates Family Medicine, make an appointment today. Call the office or use the online tool to schedule.